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Paraíso da Patricia



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The story of this painting

Once upon a time, two lovers stumbled upon a hidden cave in the middle of the jungle. The cave was filled with the sounds of trickling water and the faint glow of natural light.

As they ventured deeper into the cave, they came across a stunning natural pool with a waterfall cascading into it. The water was crystal clear and cool to the touch.

As they floated on their backs, watching the waterfall above them, they realized they were completely alone in this hidden oasis. They couldn't help but feel a sense of awe and magic in this special place.

They spent hours in the pool, swimming and playing, before finally emerging and laying on the warm rocks beside the waterfall. They gazed into each other's eyes and shared a deep, passionate kiss.

Painting Information

Acrylic painting on stretched canvas

76x60 cm

One available 

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